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First Card erbjuder ett komplett betalsystem för alla inköp och utlägg i tjänsten. För företag som vill ha en snabb, ekonomisk och säker administration av fakturor och reseräkningar. First Card gör det enkelt för resenären att skriva reseräkningar och ger företaget total kontroll och samlad statistik över resandet. Kortet kan fås med koppling till Mastercard eller Visa.

First Card ges ut av
Nordea Bank Abp, filial i Sverige
Organisationsnr 516411-1683
Plusgiro 474 70 02-6
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When can I open my card for online purchases
The new routine is not in place yet. We will inform you on firstcard.se once we have the exact date during March. We recommend you to download the First Card App which is available in English and where it will be easy to open you card.

How long does it take to get a First Card?
Normally, it takes 5 working days from the time First Card receives your application until you have the card in your mailbox. The code will come a day later in a separate letter.

Why does First Card ask so many questions on the application?
EU has introduced new rules to prevent that banks, financial institutions, card issuers etc. are being misused for money laundering. The Act places greater demands on the knowledge about all customers, even as individuals. The purpose of the “Know your Customer” process is good. First Card’s challenge is to live up to this while at the same time making it as easy as possible to apply for the card.
When you apply, it is important that you complete the entire application, including the Annex, and attach an attested / certified copy of a valid ID document. The identification is mandatory for First Card when processing your application. (In case you can´t or don’t want to attach a certified copy of a valid ID document, you can also visit the nearest Nordea office to identify yourself and submit the application.)

Without information, First Card can´t help you In rare cases where First Card does not get enough information, they can´t perform the service requested. You can read more about why banks have to ask, on the Bank Association's website about money laundering

What are the payment terms on the First Card invoice and when will I receive it?
Which cut-off date you have depends on which terms of payment your company has chosen for you, it's either 15 or 30 days. On your invoice beneath your transactions you will find the conditions for your company or call Customer Service +46 771 40 71 70. If you want to access your invoice and review all your purchases before the invoice is due, you can go to My Card Online and see all the transactions on the logged in pages at www.firstcard.se.
If you sign up for e-billing via your internet bank, the invoice will arrive faster from First Card compared to regular mail, see the information below.

How do I reach First Card Customer Service?
Weekdays: 8-17
Phone: +46 771 40 71 70
E-mail: Message manager when you are logged in to My Card Online or in the First Card app

How do I block my First Card?
If you for any reason need to block the card, please contact First Card Customer Service. You will receive your new First Card after 3-4 days.
+46 771 40 71 70 Out of office hours, you are re-directed to the Blocking Service.

Is there any insurance with First Card?
You are covered by a competitive travel insurance that First Card has developed together with Moderna Försäkringar. In addition to the travel insurance it includes a two year all risks and also a hole-in-one insurance. You are automatically covered by the insurance when you pay more than 75% of the trip with your First Card. The insurance also applies when the trip is ordered by fax, phone or on the travel agent´s website. Your family i.e. husband / wife / partner / registered partner and own / their children under 23 years are also covered by the insurance when paying their trips with the First Card.

Can I see my First Card purchases and invoices on-line?
There are two ways, preferably by downloading the First Card app or by logging into firstcard.se

First Card app
You can view your purchases/expenses directly in your mobile device, including reserved transactions. You can also view benefits/discounts and what your travel insurance includes when you have used your First Card to pay for a trip. The app also makes it easy to contact customer services or block your card. Log in using Mobile BankID. Available for both Apple and Android. If you have the language for your device set to English, you will get the English version.
On www.firstcard.se, My Card Online you can:
  • see how much, when and where you have made your purchases, even before you get your invoice,
  • see transaction and invoice history,
  • look at purchases in certain timelines or different branch criteria,
  • communicate in a secure way with First Card customer service by messaging service,
  • change address and contact details under My Profile.
All information is stored two years back in time, and you can always choose which period you want to download to your computer.

Log in to My Card Online on firstcard.se
You log in to the service at the top of the right hand side on www.firstcard.se with Mobile Bank ID or with the code you received together with your card. If you have forgotten your code you can order a new one via the login box.
Do you need help? Call Customer Service +46 771 40 71 70.

Where is First Card valid?
As First Card is connected to MasterCard can you use it in more than 39 million shopping places, bank offices and ATMs in over 200 countries.

How large purchases can I do with my First Card?
There is no fixed limit for purchases since First Card is a charge card. However, there are some security parameters to protect your card from fraud. This security system can strike if the card is used more frequently or deviates from your usual spending pattern. If you plan to make many and / or very large purchases, please contact First Card Customer Service in advance. In case of cash withdrawal, there is a limit of 10 000 SEK per calendar month.

Can I have an E-invoice at First Card?
As you have a First Card with personal liability you can sign up for E-invoice via your online bank. The advantage of E-invoice is that you receive the invoice promptly and in your own computer. You can also see copies of old invoices two years back in time.
    Follow these steps:
  • Once inside the internet bank, click through to the notification for e-invoicing and search for First Card,
  • The registration form looks the same on all online banks,
  • Fill in all the details and press confirm,
  • Done! Your next invoice is now sent to your online bank.
Is it safe to make purchases online with this card?
For extra safety when making card purchases on the Internet First Card is connected to the global security solution MasterCard SecureCode. This means you need to identify yourself when you pay in an online store. You choose how - via 1) Mobile Bank ID or 2) card reader.

1. Mobile Bank ID
If you have a smartphone you can use Mobile Bank ID when you:
  • shop online and need to identify yourself,
  • log in to the First Card app (Nov 2014),
  • use the transfer service Swish,
  • want to identify yourself in digital environments.
This is how you connect to Mobile Bank ID
  • sign up for Mobile Bank ID on your online bank,
  • download your Bank ID app into your Smartphone and complete the registration.
2. Card reader
When you shop or book trips on the internet and need to identify yourself, you can do so with the card reader, the card and the PIN-code. You will confirm your online purchase with a respond code from the card reader.
The card reader is not personal– if a colleague or a family member has one, you can also use it.

How do I get a card reader?
If you want to use the card for payments on the internet you simply call customer service at +46 771 40 71 70.

What type of card is First Card and how does it affect my credibility?
First Card is a charge card, which means that no credit is attached to the card. Every month you will receive an invoice with all purchases made during the previous month. The invoice must be paid in full on payment due date. (Compare to a credit card where you can pay part of the amount.)
If you apply for a mortage other banks will see that First Card/Nordea has made a request / credit check , but there will be no reported credit from First Card. The number of of requests has increased drastically in recent years, and has resulted in that the number as such has a marginal impact on your credit rating. Other cards that offer limits and revolving credit do however have a strong impact on the credibility, especially if you have used most of your credits.
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